Spider Control Services in Centennial Hills

Stopping Spider Infestations in Summerlin & Throughout The Las Vegas Valley

Oftentimes, the first thing people mention when discussing household pests is spiders. In reality, though, these creatures are actually harmless and beneficial to have in your home. Not only do they assist in regulating other pest populations - such as flies and mosquitoes - but their presence can even reduce insect-borne illnesses! Despite being misunderstood by many, spiders are incredibly helpful for keeping our homes safe from unwanted critters.

However, that doesn't mean people want them to take up residence in their homes! Their intimidating appearance and the potential of a venomous bite are often enough to make us feel uncomfortable. If you're looking for relief from these pests, Vegas Bugs is here to help with professional spider pest control services in Centennial Hills! 

Since 2007, Vegas Bugs has been the go-to source for world-class spider control solutions in Centennial Hills and beyond. Our team specializes in delivering fast, effective treatment of numerous species of spiders commonly found around residences— meaning that you need only make one call when it comes to your spider issues! Plus, our protection protocol puts exclusion first while also treating those areas within your home especially prone to spiders. Put an end to any anxieties or worries about creepy crawlers today with Vegas Bugs' expert service.

Dial (702) 553-1771 or use our simple online request form and one of our team members will respond to you shortly. Hablamos español!

Different Spiders We Can Control

Spiders are a common sight in homes all over the Las Vegas Valley. While some spider species are harmless and beneficial, others can be quite troublesome. Some spider species have venom that can cause allergic reactions or medical issues for humans, while others simply make messes by leaving behind webs and droppings.

Some of the spiders commonly found in homes that we can help control include: 

  • Brown recluse spiders 
  • Black widow spiders 
  • Hobo spiders 
  • House spiders
  • Jumping spiders
  • Wolf spiders 
  • Sac Spiders
  • And more!

Vegas Bugs has been providing spider control services for nearly two decades and are committed to helping keep your home free from these pests. Our family-owned business offers 18 years of experience without any accidents or lawsuits - plus we use only safe organic materials!

  • “He sends us a 24-hour reminder of our appointment which I really appreciate and does the job in less than 20 mins”

    - Janette N.
Our Service Plans Whether you want seasonal pest control, a one-time flush out of a problem, or a serious deep treatment, we offer the safest and most effective pest control practices for a great price. Best of all, there’s no contract!

How We Tackle Invading Spiders

Our Centennial Hills spider control experts are highly knowledgeable when it comes to tracking down and getting rid of spiders. Following a detailed inspection, we will thoroughly examine the affected area and nearby environment to identify possible spider nesting or resting sites, as well as any spider webs that have been constructed. After this comprehensive assessment has been completed, our experts will craft a detailed spider treatment plan designed to capture and eliminate spiders from your home. 

Our spider treatment plan typically involves a multi-step approach with both interior and exterior components. This can include an indoor residual spraying of insecticides that kill spider eggs and larvae as well as spider baiting techniques aimed at attracting and trapping adult spiders.

To further reduce spider activity outdoors, our technicians may also apply an insecticide around:

  • Exterior foundation
  • Entry points
  • Accessible exterior window tracks
  • Concrete expansion joints
  • Landscape rocks and mulch around structure and perimeter
  • Block wall perimeter and pilasters
  • Accessible irrigation control valves
  • Exterior garage vents
  • Granular insecticide around shrubs
  • Bait applied when needed

Preventative Measures You Can Take To Keep Spiders Out

Additionally, our spider control specialists can provide you with educational information on how to prevent future spider infestations. 

This could involve recommending simple steps like:

  • keeping windows closed during dusk and dawn when spiders are most active
  • sealing up potential entry points through cracks in walls or foundation
  • vacuuming up webs regularly
  • cleaning away debris near the house that may attract spiders looking for food sources

With all these strategies combined, our spider control experts ensure a safe space free from unwanted arachnids!

Don’t delay—protect your home today by calling us at (702) 553-1771 or contacting us online! Our Centennial Hills spider control professionals are eager to get started!

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