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Your home is supposed to be your sanctuary; a safe zone where no unwanted guests are allowed. We may spend big money on security systems, locks on our doors and windows, gates and fences, all in an effort to protect our biggest investment. These measures may keep crooks and burglars out, but what about the pesky intruder that we can’t call the cops on—cockroaches?

Of all the household pest problems that you may experience—houseflies, ants, or even rodents, by far the most frustrating infestation to get rid of is a cockroach infestation. And unfortunately, it is because these pests actually prefer to live in or near houses. If they are firmly established, they will not be going anywhere anytime soon and the problem will only get worse as the population grows.

At Vegas Bugs, we specialize in getting rid of cockroach invasions of all kinds, from large American cockroaches to the smaller and more prevalent German cockroaches. Best of all, we do so using proven techniques and eco-friendly pesticides. By giving us a call today, you can take comfort in knowing we will do whatever it takes to drive cockroaches out of your home and make your house a cockroach-free zone.

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The Most Common Cockroach Invaders in Las Vegas Valley

Out of the nearly 4,000 species of cockroaches in the world, only about 30 are encountered by humans. The rest like to stay far away from us. An even smaller number of that 30 are frequent pests in indoor areas. 

In the Centennial Hills area, the most common cockroach species are the: 

  • American cockroach
  • German cockroach
  • Brown-Banded cockroach
  • Oriental cockroach

Of these species, the most frequent invader is by far the German cockroach. This small-sized roach has a short lifespan of a year but in that span of time can create such a massive infestation that its persistence can never end if there is no direct intervention. You would literally have hundreds of thousands of German roaches in your home if you left them to their devices.

German cockroaches are excellent hiders, performing all their foraging activities at night when everyone is fast asleep. A female cockroach is constantly producing eggs that are stored in capsules of 30 to 50. You may see the egg capsule hanging out of her rear end, which, when ready, will be dropped, and soon after, the baby roaches hatch out and become adults in as quickly as 4 months. 

The fast turnaround time of the reproduction cycle means that a small handful of German cockroaches can become a full-blown infestation in a short period of time that will be hard to control.

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Our Service Plans Whether you want seasonal pest control, a one-time flush out of a problem, or a serious deep treatment, we offer the safest and most effective pest control practices for a great price. Best of all, there’s no contract!

How We Tackle Cockroach Invasions

Cockroaches are intruders that should be taken as seriously as other possible invaders in your home. Cockroaches can spread diseases, bacteria, and allergies so it is best to be proactive in contacting a trusted team like Vegas Bugs to develop and implement a personalized control plan to remove them from your house. 

For cockroaches nesting indoors, we use a combination of baits, organic insecticide sprays, traps, and powders to eliminate the adults while also applying an insect growth regulator product which halts the development of baby roaches so they don’t reach adulthood. They also stop cockroach eggs from hatching and cause adults to become infertile. With our multi-pronged approach, the cockroach population will dwindle until there is none left.

After the cockroaches are eliminated from your home, we can apply perimeter treatments around your home and in points of entry which will deter cockroaches from reinfesting. These treatments remain effective for up to 90 days, so by having our Centennial Hills cockroach control technicians visit quarterly or bi-monthly, you can benefit from year-round protection.

Call us today to have us carry out an effective and affordable cockroach control program for your home. Dial (702) 553-1771 or contact us online to get started with a free estimate!

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